About Visualizing Peace

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Lucy Havens and Mengting Bao created the Visualizing Peace website for the Political Settlements Research Programme (PSRP) at the University of Edinburgh from May through August 2018. The website's visualizations use data from PSRP's Peace Agreements Database (PA-X). PA-X provides those studying and participating in peace processes with a repository of over 1,500 documents that address over 140 peace processes around the world, from the years 1900 through 2015.

PSRP commissioned Havens and Bao to create an exploratory interface to PA-X that complements the Database's search interface. Visualizing Peace provides a map and timelines that illustrate temporal, geographic, and categorical trends in peace agreements. You can filter the map and timelines by time, location, and category. Hovering and clicking on an agreement in any of the visualizations displays the agreement's details in the left sidebar, with links to a digitized version of the document and its complete PA-X coding.

When visiting the Visualizing Peace website, please use Firefox, Chrome, or Safari from a laptop or desktop computer (the data visualizations are incompatible with tablets and mobile devices).